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David has extensive knowledge and experience treating elite athletes from a range of different sports (squash, golf, tennis, cricket, boxing, taekwondo, athletics, football, cycling, rugby and American football) as well as the keen amateur ‘weekend warrior’. From heading-up the Sports Clinic at the British School of Osteopathy for a number of years, he has worked doing pitchside support (FOP) for various teams and events and was one of the Osteopaths selected to provide treatment at the Olympic village polyclinic and venues at London 2012. He is a keen runner and has competed at various running and triathlon events. David is a long-standing member of the Osteopathic Sports-Care Association (OSCA).

Sports-specific Osteopathy looks at the characteristics of the activity (movement patterns, cardiovascular demands, etc.) and how the participant’s biomechanics might be improved to work best within that context. Injuries are dealt with on a patient-centred, rather than injury-specific, basis which means potential underlying inhibitors to healing and repair (for example poor diet, lifestyle, over-training, inappropriate equipment) are identified and addressed.

For those just looking for help with general exercise for healthy well-being, David can advise on fitness development and maintenance and often collaborates with Personal Trainers and corrective exercise specialists. The aim is to establish the most effective and safe exercise strategy on an individual basis and to assist you with addressing your weaker areas while also avoiding injury. David’s background as a Physiologist has given him inside knowledge of how best to optimise training and fitness regimes.

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