In a 2019 edition of the American Journal of Public Health, the researchers showed that sitting for 8+ hours per day increased the risk of premature death and certain chronic diseases by 10-20% (this compares with an increase from smoking of 180% so sitting is NOT the new smoking).

Osteopaths have a saying: “Motion is Lotion”. Essentially, human beings need to move regularly throughout the day. Counteracting 9 hours sitting at your desk staring at a computer screen by thrashing a squash ball around the court for an hour a couple of times a week is not the healthy option. Getting up and stretching for a minute and/or doing some shoulder rolls every 30 minutes is. Sit-stand workstations may be one solution but need to be used correctly so there is varying of position throughout the day.

Workstation ergonomic assessment is helpful, but even the most perfect sedentary position is still sedentary! We have advised companies on their workstation selection and individuals on how to make the most of their setup, whether it is at work, in the car, on the sofa watching TV or in bed.

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