Your Consultation Journey

What to expect

If we haven’t seen you before you will be booked in with us for one hour and asked to complete a consent form when you come. The consultation begins with a detailed medical history and a thorough diagnostic evaluation. You may be asked to disrobe to your underwear or shorts and t-shirt (in a changing area with towels supplied if necessary) so please dress accordingly and let us know if you require a chaperone. In most cases we can make an assessment of your issue(s) and begin appropriate treatment immediately. However, some situations are much more complex and we may need to perform or request further tests and investigations such as urine analysis, X-rays, MRI and CT scans, diagnostic ultrasound, blood tests, and performance assessment (using our fully-equipped gym, swimming pool, etc.).

Osteopathic treatment is not always appropriate and, if this is the case, we might suggest a referral to a subsequent specialist, having fully explained our evaluation to you. Our services are complementary to those provided by GP’s, consultants and other experts, with whom we often work closely, providing an integrated approach to your healthcare. However, we would never communicate your details with 3rd parties without first obtaining your consent.

Your treatment plan

Your treatment plan will be explained to you. Osteopaths use the finely tuned sense of touch in their hands and psychomotor skills to rebalance mechanical and physiological disturbances and limitations using a variety of techniques. These include muscle and connective tissue stretching/ massage, rhythmic joint movements, high-velocity manipulation (‘clicks’ or ‘pops’ from joints as appropriate) and extremely gentle releasing techniques (‘cranial’ and functional treatment). We may also give suitable advice about nutritional and lifestyle issues, exercise, ergonomics, and relaxation strategies.

It is important to note that Osteopathy is a patient-centred approach affecting the whole body and your Osteopath may focus attention on areas away from the immediate source of your symptoms. The number of treatment sessions required will depend on many factors but our practice audits show most people requiring an average of 3 sessions. Follow-up sessions are usually booked in for 30 minutes.

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    With you every step

    All therapies causing real change also carry the risk of potential side-effects and, although we do our very best to minimise the likelihood of these, in rare cases (less than 1%) unpleasant effects (such as light-headedness, tiredness and a momentary worsening of pain symptoms) may be experienced. These are usually short-lived (24 hours or less) and we are here for support and reassurance should you have any worries. Good quality research evidence, as well as historical documentation of patient interactions, have shown Osteopathy to be a safe and effective form of treatment.

    Paediatric consultations (for babies and children under the age of 16) require the presence of at least one parent or guardian and some other aspects vary from the adult format. For full details please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have in advance of your appointment.