Diet, Lifestyle & Stress

Diet and lifestyle issues form a vital aspect of a 360-degree patient-centred approach and David has undergone post-graduate training in aspects of nutrition, lifestyle and stress management. His qualification in Human Physiology has underpinned a deeper understanding of how factors such as disrupted breathing patterns, inappropriate nutrition, and psychological disturbance can all contribute to give rise to typical symptoms such as aches and pains, stiffness and fatigue. Inflammation is at the root of many of these and, being a biochemical process, is susceptible to biochemical factors (hormones, diet, etc.). This is the fundamental principal for considering the triad of Biochemical (diet), Biopsychosocial, as well as Biomechanical domains.

Stress is a ‘Goldilocks’ phenomenon in that too little is not healthy just as we know that too much can cause ‘Distress’. Getting this right may not be easy and we can discuss how to interact with your own autonomic nervous system to adjust the balance between the Sympathetic aspect (Fight, Flight and Fright) versus the Parasympathetic (Rest, Digest and Repair). Techniques such as breathing work, biofeedback, and meditation/ mindfulness can be extremely helpful and we can help put you on the right path.

For more complex cases requiring specialist input, we have excellent referral networks to experts outside and within Calmer Clinics, including a dedicated Nutritional Therapist, Psychotherapists, Counsellors and Hypnotherapists.

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